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Кітай пастаўшчык спецыяльнай сталі высакаякасная нержавеючая сталь Nimonic 75 трубы ліставай пліты бар

Alloy 75 (UNS N06075) is a nickel-chromium alloy with good mechanical properties and oxidation resistance at high temperatures. Alloy 75 is most commonly used for sheet metal fabrications which require oxidation and scaling resistance together with medium strength at high operating temperatures. Alloy 75 is also used in gas turbine engines, for components of industrial furnaces, for heat treating equipment and fixtures, and in nuclear engineering.

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Мадэль: Nimonic 75
Гандлёвая марка: RONSCO
Код: Alloy1996MR412

Nimonic 75 Alloy Steel N06075 2.4951 

1. Steel Grade: N06075
2. Product name: Nimonic 75 Alloy Steel Round Bar N06075 2.4951 2.4630
3. Даўжыня: 1000mm-12000mm
4. Diameter: 4mm~600mm

Німанік 75 is a nickel-chromium alloy, mostly used forsheet applications for its oxidation and scaling resistance coupled with medium strength at high operating temperatures. It is still used in gas turbine engineering and also for industrial thermal processing, furnace components and heat treatment equipment. It is readily fabricated and welded.

ASTM; ASME; UNS N06075; EN 2.4951, 2.4630

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